C-Street Market: Local Markets Equal Less Pollution
Farm Fresh Strawberries. Photo via Taylor Stanton.

C-Street Market: Local Markets Equal Less Pollution

Every Saturday from April to October local vendors set up stands on Commercial Street for the “sweetest little market in town,” better known as the C-Street Market.

The C-Street Market started with four vendors 16 years ago. Now, this farmers market has between 20 and 30 vendors each week according to market manager, Amy Truitt.

“On a typical Saturday, you will find produce grown by local farmers, including the Springfield Community Gardens” said Truitt. “Local crafters and artisans bring baked goods, coffee, jewelry, plants, pottery, soap, and many more handmade items.”

Farmers markets offer locally grown produce to the community. Unlike most produce from the grocery store, the produce found at a local market is often picked a few days before it is sold. “Allowing [produce] to ripen on the plant provides more nutrition and better flavor,” said Truitt.

Farmers markets give those in the community an opportunity to purchase from local vendors, and they attract customers to other businesses in the area. The C-Street Market brings costumers to Commercial Street, where they then visit other local shops, cafés, and businesses.

Why do we like the C-Street Market?

The C-Street Market gives the community a chance to buy local products, which eliminates pollution from transportation and waste from packaging. Better yet, buying local produce guarantees you’ll be missing out on consuming added chemicals and preservatives! 


Saturdays 9:00 a.m.  – 2:00 p.m.
April through October

Where to find the C-Street Market:

321 E. Commercial St.
Springfield, Mo 65802

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