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for those who think green in 417

Inspiring earth friendly choices

Ozarks Eco provides members of the Springfield, Mo. area with information about local businesses, area recycling and more. We are a community dedicated to making green choices.

What We Love

Springfield, Mo.

Springfield is nestled among the beautiful rolling hills and blue lakes that make up the Ozarks of southwest Missouri. We take pride in our natural areas, as well as our community's accomplishments. We share the eco-achievements of local businesses and community members, who are impacting our city for the better.

Reducing Waste

Our goal is to raise awareness about our society's consumption of single-use items and the impacts they have on our Earth. And that goal starts here, at our home, in the Ozarks. We want to identify problems in our community and share practical, simple solutions. We provide advice on how to reduce waste and live sustainable lifestyles.

New Habits

We recognize the importance of creating new habits. Whether it be something as small as remembering to bring your reusable bag to the grocery store, your habits make a difference in our local and global communities. We wish to inspire others to change their habits, one step at a time.

Springfield, Mo.

where big city life meets small town charmĀ 

Send us photos of you being eco-friendly in the Ozarks for a chance to be featured in our gallery, or use #ozarkseco in your post!

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